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Комок эктоплазмы, только ёбнутый чутка.
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Blue & Purple - Nawomotsukazenohon - Ikuto Yamashita
Fairy Air Force at War
Sento Yosei Yukikaze - Mechanical Design Works
Sento Yousei Yukikaze - DVD Booklet 1 - 5

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Экранизация Юкиказе?

Не лететь мне, а идти зимой и летом По твоим следам, тебя не догоняя
Я вообще-то собиралась запостить картинок, чтобы оживить немного сообщество, но, оказалось, что прошляпила новость, которая буквально прогремела по головам фанатов Sento Yosei Yukikaze еще в апреле этого года.

И в страшном кошмаре такого не представишь, но компания Warner Bros решила экранизировать романы Камбаяши Чохея посвященные Юкиказе. Официальное изложение сюжета будущего фильма звучит так:

"Более тридцати лет назад над Антарктикой возник гипер-пространственный переход, сквозь который прорвалась волна инопланетных истребителей неизвестной расы JAM. Так началось вторжение на Землю. Их враждебные намерения - очевидны, их цель неизвестна.

Объединившись перед лицом новой опасности, человечество смогло отбросить врага обратно сквозь переход, на таинственную планету, получившую название "Фея".

Немедленно было сформировано новое военное соединение - FAF, чьей задачей является победить пришельцев на их собственной планете. В самом сердце этой войны, конца которой не предвидится, история младшего лейтенанта Рея Фукаи, чьей миссией является сбор информации о таинственном враге. Во что бы то ни стало, он должен доставить добытые сведения на базу, не считаясь с потерями. И единственным другом и партнером в его нелегком деле является его истребитель - FFR-31 Super Sylph, позывные "Юкиказе".

Но самое удивительное и ошарашивающее то, что на роль Рея решили утвердить никого иного, как Тома Круза. :susp:

У будущего фильма пока нет сценариста и режиссера, но в продюсерах указаны Ирвин Стофф и Том Лассалли.

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Новая книга

Не лететь мне, а идти зимой и летом По твоим следам, тебя не догоняя
В сообществе на ЖЖ нам подсказывают, что на амазоне уже доступна вторая книга "Good Luck, Yukikaze"

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Первая глава новеллы.

Ласана* [DELETED user]

Kaisetsu Manual. Yukikaze - Character Data. С ЖЖ. Английский

Ласана* [DELETED user]

In my recent order I received the Sentou Yousei Yukikaze Kaisetsu Manual which I haven't really read yet. ^_^; However, what I found very interesting were the profiles of a whole slew of characters (many of whom must appear in the book but not the anime). Since I am currently in a translating frenzy I decided to tackle the ones I recognized. I kind of ran out of steam after the main two, but I did translate the minimum stats on the names I did recognize from the anime. ^_^

Fukai, Rei

Male. 29 years old. Captain in the FAF. Pilot of the Yukikaze, formerly SAF Jet 3, now Jet 1. From Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. After graduating from the Tokyo Institute of Data Processing, he joined a company. HIs relations with his coworkers not going well, he set a fire at his company, was found guilty and was sent to the FAF. He gained experience in tactics and combat as pilot of the Sylphid and was assigned to the SAF. He retired from military service once, but volunteered for the FAF again. His slender yet muscular body and narrow yet well formed facial features gives a cool impression. He could only be called him handsome physically, but due to his childish personality that is only concerned with himself, all of his relationships with women on Earth ended in failure. An elite even within the SAF, he has various unique experiences through contact with JAM.

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По книге

краткие впечатления заокеанского камрада с ЖЖ:

I started reading the Yukikaze novel yesterday afternoon. I'm just over a quarter of the way through it and enjoying it - the writing style feels very technical and detached (lots of very precise descriptions of combat and flight) but it does work well for the kind of novel it is, although it also has the effect of creating a slightly removed feel to the characters at times. (I'm not about to post huge spoilers but if you'd rather not hear anything of the details of the novel now is the time to look away). I like that the novel fleshes out both the world and the histories of the characters in a very gradual and almost background way - it adds to feel that everything else pales in importance when compared to fighting the JAM. As for the whole Jack/Rei angle, I'm starting to see it as (in the novel) more of a one-sided thing, if anything. AND REI/YUKIKAZE IS BASICALLY CANON. It does seem that Rei is being presented as heterosexual (he seems to have abandonment issues from a previous female lover who left him and there's also a mention of the first time he had sex with a woman on Faery), but there has been loving (AND HIGHLY METAPHORICAL) boomerang stroking on the part of Jack, not to mention Jack has TWICE asked for Rei to break up with Yukikaze to go and work as an assistant to him, instead.

(That met with refusal OH WHAT A SURPRISE, but when Jack gets refused for the second time he points out to Rei that he can't kiss a machine. HMM. LOL, so I'm enjoying the book. It took a while to get used to the translated dialogue - it's not colloquial as such; there's simply something about it that just makes me hear Rei speaking with an American accent (whereas Jack tends more towards the use of words that make me think English. I...can't remember whether or not Jack's nationality was confirmed in the anime series.)

перевод краткий и сильно от балды

можно ли выставить тему общеобразовательное?

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Chōhei Kambayashi


Chōhei Kambayashi (神林長平 Kambayashi Chōhei) (born 1953) is a Japanese science fiction writer.
Born in Niigata, Kambayashi graduated Nagaoka National College of Technology. He debuted in 1979 with the short story "Dance with a Fox", which was an honorable mention of the 5th Hayakawa SF Contest. He quickly became fan favorite, and during 1980s and 1990s, he won the Seiun Award seven times (five for novels, twice for short stories). In a 2006 SF Magazine poll he was ranked third best Japanese SF writer of all time. He was the chair of honor of the 24th Nihon SF Taikai, Japan's national SF convention, in 1985.
Kambayashi received Nihon SF Taishō Award in 1995 for Kototsubo. He was the chairman of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of Japan in 2001-2003.
His writing often blurs the reality and alternate reality. Early works, such as May Peace Be On Your Soul, were often compared to Philip K. Dick, as Kambayashi himself acknowledges that the Dick's works lead him to science fiction writing.
Probably his most popular work is Yukikaze. It was made into an animated video series in 2002-2005.
Another popular work, Enemy Is Pirate, which consists of eight books (as of 2009), is a more lighter tone space opera series. There was an animated video series released in 1989.

Titles with asterisk * are short story collection. Titles with dagger † are series story collection.
Kitsune to odore (狐と踊れ, Dance with a Fox) (1981, ISBN 4-15-030142-5); New edition (2010, ISBN 978-4-15-030995-4) dropped "Teki wa kaizoku" and added "Rakusa", "Tsuta momiji", "Bakurei", "Kisei". *
Anata no tamashī ni yasuragiare (あなたの魂に安らぎあれ) (1983)
Shichidō otoshi (七胴落とし) (1983)
Teki wa kaizoku, kaizokuban (敵は海賊・海賊版, Enemy Pirates, Pirate Edition) (1983)
Kotobatsukaishi (言葉使い師) (1983) *
Sentō yōsei yukikaze (戦闘妖精・雪風) (1984); Revised version: Sentō yōsei yukikaze (戦闘妖精・雪風<改>;) (2002); English translation: Yukikaze (2010) †
Taiyō no ase (太陽の汗) (1985)
Purizumu (プリズム, Prism) (1986) †
Uchū tansaki mēwaku ichiban (宇宙探査機 迷惑一番) (1986)
Koyoi, ginga wo hai ni shite (今宵、銀河を杯にして) (1987)
Aoi kuchizuke (蒼いくちづけ) (1987)
Kikai tachi no jikan (機械たちの時間) (1987) †
Jikanshoku (時間触) (1987) *
Teki wa kaizoku, neko tachi no kyōen (敵は海賊・猫たちの饗宴) (1988)
Runatikan (ルナティカン) (1988)
Kafuka toshi (過負荷都市) (1988) †
Yū no sekai (Uの世界) (1989) †
Teiō no kara (帝王の殻) (1990)
Shinsetsu ga ippai (親切がいっぱい) (1990)
Kanpeki na namida (完璧な涙) (1990) †
Ware katarite sekai ari (我語りて世界あり) (1990)
Teki wa kaizoku, kaizoku tachi no yūutsu (敵は海賊・海賊たちの憂鬱) (1991)
Shi shite saku hana, mi no aru yume (死して咲く花、実のある夢) (1992)
Izayoi no tsuki (猶予の月) (1992)
Tengoku ni sokkuri na hoshi (天国にそっくりな星) (1993)
Teki wa kaizoku, futeki na kyūka (敵は海賊・不敵な休暇) (1993)
Kototsubo (言壷?) (1994) †
Teki wa kaizoku, kaizoku ka no ichinichi (敵は海賊・海賊課の一日) (1995)
Tamashī no kudōtai (魂の駆動体) (1995)
Raitojīn no isan (ライトジーンの遺産) (1997) †
Teki wa kaizoku, Ei kyū no teki (敵は海賊・A級の敵?) (1997)
Guddo rakku sentō yōsei yukikaze (グッドラック 戦闘妖精・雪風?) (1999)
Eikyū kikan sōchi (永久帰還装置) (2001)
Rāzefon jikan chōritsushi (ラーゼフォン 時間調律師) (2002)
Koyubi no saki no tenshi (小指の先の天使) (2003) *
Bakugekiki no tobu sora (麦撃機の飛ぶ空) (2004) *
Hadae no shita (膚の下) (2004)
Kyōzō no teki (鏡像の敵) (2005) *
Teki wa kaizoku, seigi no me (敵は海賊・正義の眼) (2007)
Anburōkun arō sentō yōsei yukikaze (アンブロークン アロー 戦闘妖精・雪風?, Unbroken Arrow) (2009)
Teki wa kaizoku, tanpenban (敵は海賊・短篇版) (2009) *

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